Monday 22 July 2019

New exhibition at the Courthouse

A painting by Ian Brennan
A painting by Ian Brennan

'I'm Enough' by Ian Brennan will open on Saturday, July 13 at the Courthouse Arts Centre in Tinahely.

From Limerick, Ian is a young artist living in County Cork. A year and a half ago and totally untutored, he decided to paint professionally.

The show brings together a series of paintings and an accompanying documentary which focuses on Ian's artistic process and the source from which he paints. This series of work looks at shame, vulnerability, abuse, the inner-critic, sexuality, depression, the relationship with the body itself and the healing that can exist in being witnessed in these aspects of the human condition.

Filming the connection between the sitter and the artist is what makes this exhibition unique. The audience can see the process from beginning to end. From initially meeting the sitter, to revealing the finished pieces and all the feelings in between are included in the documentary.

'Allowing the audience to be part of the process is paramount for me. It's the very thing that makes my work relational.' said Ian.

'My work cannot exist in isolation for me it would have no meaning, no healing, no energy, no purpose. I want to invite the viewer into the process, as this in turn creates an invitation to look at one's self.'

The exhibition continues until Wednesday, July 31. For more, visit

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