Thursday 18 January 2018

Maxi Zoo celebrate World Animal Week

Maxi Zoo in Bray is celebrating World Animal Week by hosting a unique fundraiser for the Leinster Animal Rescue charity.

Visitors to the store at the Bray Retail Park will be invited to make a €1 donation to the charity in exchange for 'I support World Animal Week' car sticker.

Staff at the store will recognise each €1 donation by placing a plastic ball on a tower of stacked plastic balls.

Maxi Zoo expects that the tower will grow in size each day with its overall size set to demonstrate pet lovers support for the charity.

The fundraiser, which is titled 'A Dog's Life Should Be A Ball' will assist the Leinster Animal Rescue charity in providing for the needs of the animals in its care.

Customers who buy one ball will contribute to the cost of buying one meal for a dog. Every five balls buys a dog a new toy while every 15 balls will buy a dog a new bed.

Bray People

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