Monday 23 September 2019

Live re-dubbing of Salò film

In advance of its première at the Abbey Theatre, director Dylan Tighe and his collaborators informally present material from rehearsals-in-residence at Mermaid on Friday, September 13, at 8 p.m. Pasolini's Salò Redubbed is a live re-dubbing of Pasolini's controversial 1975 film 'Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom', daringly transposed to Ireland.

This project aims to transpose the source film, which updates the Marquis de Sade's novel to Mussolini's fascist Republic of Salò, to create a new context and script referencing institutional abuse and confinement in Ireland. It's an attempt to understand and raise questions about the nature of the ideology underpinning church and State abuse and its contemporary legacy and resonances.

The modus-operandi is to 'translate' the film line by line, scene by scene, sound by sound, and to perform this new version live in sync to the original film, creating in effect a new and experimental work which hopes to open up new perspectives on a subject of vital relevance to Irish society while also pushing the boundaries of theatre form and practice. Please note this piece contains graphic scenes of a violent and sexual nature.

The Dylan Tighe and Abbey Theatre co-production is funded through an Arts Council Project Award. It is development funded by the Trinity Creative Challenge 2018 and supported by the Italian Cultural Institute and Mermaid Arts Centre.

Tickets cost €5 and are available from the box office on 01 2724030 or

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