Thursday 18 January 2018

Latest in the 'Secrets of Grindlewood' series

Jackie Burke
Jackie Burke

The fifth instalment of the children's book series 'Grindlewood' is on the shelves.

The book 'Othelia's Orb' by bray author Jackie Burke has been available since Monday.

The children and their pets have found Othelia's mysterious and powerful orb, but they must keep its whereabouts secret to stop it from falling under Worfagon control. The Wandeleis are still recovering from a crushing defeat at the hands of the sorceress Zora. Their magic is weak, and another attack could spell the end for Grindlewood garden and all who live in it. The orb must be protected at all costs, until its magic can be harnessed for good. Timber holds the key to saving Grindlewood. But to succeed he must keep a heart-breaking promise and perhaps pay a terrible price. The race is on to unlock the power of Othelia's Orb. But what strange magic does it hold? And does the orb itself pose the biggest threat of all?

Now a resident of Raheen Park, where she lives with her husband Angelo and their cat Millie, Jackie is a native of Dublin.

She was a lifelong avid reader and writer, and in recent years started writing children's stories.

Once she started writing 'The Secrets of Grindlewood' she was entranced by the world appearing at her fingertips. What started as one book quickly turned into a series of five.

Grindlewood is inspired by all that Jackie loves in nature - gardens, forests, wildlife, and of course magic!

Reading, hill-walking and baking are just a few of her many hobbies. Jackie divides her time between writing and giving creative writing workshops to children and adults in schools and libraries.

The book is available in Dubray Books and a range of other stores as well as online as an ebook.

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