Wednesday 21 February 2018

Irina presents 'A Portrait of a Car'

'A portrait of a car', is the title of an exhibition of paintings by Irina Kuksova at Signal Arts Centre from October 8 to 20. 'There are two things I am inspired by: travelling and art,' said Russian-born Irina. 'In my artwork I celebrate the former through the latter. I paint highly detailed classic automotive oils on canvas.'

Unlike contemporary cars we see every day, classic cars have a very distinct character and often a unique pedigree.

Painting classic cars is a constant process of enquiry and evaluation: How is this built? Why this shape and not the other? What are this material's properties?

The answers are amazingly diverse despite this serving the same simple task: creating a means of travel.

'All the car details and the thought behind each of them are a true sensory feast for me,' said the artist. 'This appreciation of a car's personality and the time I dedicate to study the story of its life results in my falling a little bit in love with each car I paint. In the days of mass-culture there is more joy than ever in the genuine uniqueness of classic cars. I hope to share this joy through my artwork.'

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