Tuesday 24 October 2017

Hozier, what can the matter be?

Hozier gets a soaking.
Hozier gets a soaking.

Wicklow singer-songwriter Hozier rose to the Ice Bucket Challenge before performing at the Reading festival in England at the weekend.

Hozier, real name Andrew Hozier Byrne, was nominated by his manager Caroline Downey, who, he said, had completed the challenge earlier and had done 'a great job of it'.

The Newtown man then went on to nominate Stevie Appleby of Little Green Cars, actress Natalie Dormer (who is best known from her roles in The Tudors and Game of Thrones) and Ashford's own Katie McGrath, who is best known for her roles in Merlin and Dracula.

He urged festival-goers to donate as it was 'all for a good cause'. The video was then uploaded onto his Facebook page where it has been shared 30 times and received almost 2,000 likes.

Although clearly shocked by the impact of the ice water, Hozier just shook himself off before immediately getting on stage to perform his set.

At the Glenview Hotel in the Glen of the Downs General Manager Brian McNamara also completed the challenge nominating Liam Byrne, Pat Heavy and Seamus Mulkern.

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