Sunday 16 June 2019

Exhibition explores shared humanity

One of the pieces from ‘Evolution Revolution’, which goes on display at Signal Arts Centre.
One of the pieces from ‘Evolution Revolution’, which goes on display at Signal Arts Centre.

Mary Fogarty

A group of transgender and non-binary artists present their exhibition 'Evolution Revolution' at Signal Arts Centre from Monday, January 7, to Sunday, January 20.

In a diverse collection of pieces, the artists explore the idea of shared humanity, that everyone has the same hopes, dreams and needs.

They invite the wider community to join them on a journey of shared discovery so that trans and non-binary people can feel they are equal, valued and included society members.

'Many trans and non-binary people feel that they must leave their community to find acceptance. We are asking our neighbours to reach out, educate themselves and help us to feel comfortable living here at home,' said a spokesperson for the group.

TransGreystones has been running since April 2013 when locals Sam Blanckensee and Sara Phillips both realised that they were aware of a number of other trans or non-binary individuals living in the South Dublin and Wicklow area. The group is now based in Greystones Family Resource Centre and has always been a mixture of support and social interaction.

The creative arts project, 'Evolution Revolution' was born in 2017. Following workshops and discussions, members worked on their own personal projects, using preferred media and methods. The group and its work is diverse and expressive, including oil and watercolour paintings, drawings, prints, 3Dmixed media ensembles, photography, poetry, films, original songs and music.

Many of the pieces reflect the artist's personal journey and the struggle to adapt to living in a society that can feel toxic and unwelcoming.

An opening reception will take place on Sunday, January 13, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

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