Tuesday 20 March 2018

Comedy of manoeuvres

Bernard Kersal (Simon Maxwell) and Constance (Marianne Walsh)
Bernard Kersal (Simon Maxwell) and Constance (Marianne Walsh)
Gillian Morrisroe, Nicola Martin, Eileen Donnelly, Emma Sibley, Lorraine Byrne, Shirley Fox, Eithne Kavanagh, Chloe O’Brien and Annemarie Morris travelled down from St Laurences in Roundwood to see Marianne Dunne

Square One Theatre Group brought the 1920s to life last week at Mermaid Arts Centre.

This was their production of 'The Constant Wife' by W Somerset Maugham.

Fiona Keane directed this social comedy full of marital manoeuvres. Set in 1920s upper class London, Constance Middleton who discovers her husband is having an affair with her best friend. Rather than humiliating herself, she denies the affair, defends them and sets about turning the situation to her advantage. Although this comedy was written almost 100 years ago, the witty dialogue and clever plot twists continue to entertain audiences today. And it did so each evening from Wednesday to Saturday last week.

Square One was founded over 40 years ago and continues to produce two three-act plays each year - one in the spring and another in autumn. They also perform one-act plays and showcase events.

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