Saturday 19 October 2019

Bray goes back to its roots for fantastic festival

Jerry Fish performing at the Harbour Bar.
Jerry Fish performing at the Harbour Bar.
Beth Williams and Andrew Walsh.
David Fitzpatrick and Nina Cantillon.

Mary Fogarty

Bray went back to its roots last week, with the Harbour Bar's Roots Festival.

The Four of Us closed the festival on the Sunday night, after five days and nights of gigs.

The band's frontman Brendan Murphy said he and his brother Declan were glad to be back in the Harbour, calling it 'the coolest band in the world'.

They took their audience through a selection of their songs from the past and newer fare, with Brendan telling the story behind each one. The preceding days included a celebration of Americana, bluegrass and country music with an extraordinary line-up of acts on the main stage in the live lounge throughout.

Acts to take the Harbour Bar stage included Jerry Fish, Mark Geary, Bronah Keogh and Old Hannah, as well as Rye River Band, Blank Bank Folk and Moon Looks On.

Regulars to play in the Bar throughout the festival included Brand New Switcharoo on Wednesday, Rake the Ashes on Thursday, Crooked Jack on Friday, Seodin on Saturday, and The Lonesome Boatmen on Sunday.

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