Sunday 19 January 2020

Bosco and Sleeping Beauty

Harper and Jennifer Moran
Harper and Jennifer Moran

Mary Fogarty

The boys and girls of Bray got to see a legend of children's entertainment live on stage last weekend, when Bosco came to the Mermaid.

Some of their mums and dads would have watched Bosco on the TV when they were little, and while they have grown up, the iconic puppet has stayed the same age.

Bosco is Bosco, not a boy, not a girl, just a Bosco: a cheeky, lovely, funny, slightly-cracked, irrepressible, eternal five-year-old who lives in a box and who loves nothing more than to just be Bosco and meet all the boys and girls.

Also presented by Paula Lambert Puppet Theatre, kids enjoyed the enchanted story of Sleeping Beauty, where an evil fairy-knight filled with jealousy tried to harm Beauty.

Thankfully, she has very good fairy friends, quirky characters who turned up to save the day, much to the relief of the young audience members.

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