Monday 16 July 2018

BIFE Festival of Arts at Mermaid

Lina Power performing in a previous festival
Lina Power performing in a previous festival

The BIFE Arts Festival returns to the Mermaid Arts Centre this month with a terrific line up of theatre, music and dance showcasing the talents of the college students.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, March 13 and 14, it's Attempts on Her Life by Martin Crimp. In 17 distinct but interconnected scenarios, a group of unnamed characters try to piece together the identity of the mysterious Ann.

The multi-media event mixes song, live TV and audience participation.

BIFE music goes live on Thursday, March 15, with a night of funk, rock and traditional styles from the music performance course.

They will be joined by well-known musicians from home and abroad to demonstrate their combined skills and talents.

On Thursday and Friday, March 22 and 23, dance students present Limitless, a sensational and invigorating performance of dance and movement

This performance will feature diverse classical ballet, explosive jazz, contemporary dance and musical theatre. Well known repertoire and debut performances of original choreography by both students and tutors will also be featured.

Tickets are €5 and available at

This will be the fifth year of the festival which was founded in 2014. The first ever festival performance was a production on 'Jane Eyre' by drama students.

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