Monday 19 March 2018

Arklow fans wowed by Phil 'The Power' Taylor

AN enthusiastic crowd descended on the Arklow Bay hotel Saturday night to meet a sporting great and a multiple World Champion.

For darts fans, he needed very little introduction. With 16 world titles to his name, he is considered the greatest darts player ever.

As soon as the opening strains of Snaps 'The Power' started to play in the room the crowd went wild with anticipation.

Taylor walked onto the stage to a stranding ovation. 16 local players waited patiently to have a shot at the darting legend.

And the crowd who came looking for entertainment were not disappointed because the 16 time World Champion put on a hell of a show.

Throughout the exhibition the crowd and players alike were given glimpses of why he is a top class performer.

He didn't mess around and was business like on the night. When he needed to finish, he did, but he gave the players a fair chance of beating him.

The biggest cheer of the night came when local man Dave Kelly managed to put out the power with a great '100' finish.

Taylor's only other defeat on the night came at the hands of Din Keogh but he revived a bit of help from the 'Power'. Left with 332, Taylor knocked 300 off his score and Keogh took out the double.

After the event, which was held to raise fund for the fight against Motor Neuron disease, Taylor thanked the crowd, his opponents, and the organisers who helped make the night a success.

He also said the hotel had been a great venue and had enjoyed his first visit to Arklow.

He also entertained his fans after the event with jokes and he posed for countless photographs. Taylor left the room as he had entered it, to a standing ovation, and it was well-deserved.

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