Thursday 17 October 2019

Ann Marie's Mapping the Semi-Gods to go on display

Ann Marie Webb’s work
Ann Marie Webb’s work

The exhibition Mapping the Semi-Gods, by Ann Marie Webb, will take place at Signal Arts Centre from Monday, February 18, until Sunday, March 3.

Through paint Ann Marie describes opposing actions that play against each other to describe space that both dislocates and locates. The landscape is used as a tool to explore a sense of belonging, she sees it not just as a geographical study but as a layered field of activity. Stratified by human presence, Ann Marie searches to find interactions that become a vital part of self-identity. What borders us, plus the boundaries we create can locate and also dislocate us. Our feelings of control become the focus of this exhibition.

Using painting, Ann Marie explores the act of creating spaces. Through the contrast of materials and the ways of mark making, she uses contradiction to form competing and compelling conversations.

This is the first of a two-part exhibition which will continue in the Mermaid Arts Centre on March 28.

Ann Marie Webb lives in Co. Wicklow with her family.

Her artwork is represented in the permanent collection of the OPW and in private collections throughout Europe and the US. Ann Marie was a founder member of Outpost Studios, Bray, and is a member of the artists collective RAFT.

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