Saturday 19 October 2019

Adam & Paul writer at screening

Regarded by many as Ireland's finest home-grown movie since the turn of the century, Adam & Paul is getting a special 15th anniversary screening in Greystones on Wednesday, April 17 at 8 p.m., and its writer and co-star, Mark O'Halloran, will be in attendance.

Organised by the Greystones Film Club, this darkly comic film manages to be an intoxicating combination of Midnight Cowboy and Waiting For Godot. Set on the mean streets of Dublin over just one day, we join the eponymous pair of down-and-just-about-out buddies as they go in search of a little tender, loving fix. Running to stand still, along the way, they meet some wary old friends and some sinister old enemies, the lives they could have led occasionally flashing before their bleary eyes.

The award-winning Irish short, Rue, by Sean Treacy, will play in support of the main feature.

O'Halloran will take part in a 20-minute post-screening interview. Go to for tickets.

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