Friday 23 March 2018

Rock Celtic go hi-tech

Rock Celtic has set about taking action to streamline the management of the club to make it more efficient and improve communications with members, past as well as present.

Officers believe this in turn will help to lighten the workload on voluntary workers and allow them concentrate on the primary function of the club – providing football and helping young players to improve.

Chairman Martin McDonnell pointed out that the new database computer system that the club has set-up will cut down out of pocket expense for coaches and managers, eliminating the need for texting players regarding training and games, and also protect them and young players in tightening safeguards in regard to child safety.

The database system will also reduce the administrative work that officers and committee have had to carry out, especially in regard to the registration of members, renewing membership and collection of subscriptions.

The preparation and sending of notices to members when membership expires can easily be set-up along with subsequent reminders, if needed. The system also has provision to input important information regarding health conditions of players and contact details that can be accessed swiftly in the event of an health or injury situation.

It will also improve communication, as the club can forward news bulletins by email to the members.

The chairman said club officers have spent months compiling the database.

He said the club converted part of the club premises as an office, and an office worker from the TUS scheme helps on a part-time basis to run it and operate the new data system. The club had to invest in the purchase of a computer and printer.

The company who designed and installed the system charge the club a monthly fee to maintain it.


Pranksters are suspected of leaving a trail of knocked over refuse bins in the village last Thursday morning.

The green bins were left out overnight for collection, and the culprits tipped them over in a zig-zag pattern on either side of the Old Golf Links Road.

Fortunately the contents of the bins were not scattered too much and there was little sign of what had happened later in the day.

However, the culprits handiwork was not appreciated by householders or, no doubt, bin collection employees, and didn't see the funny side to the episode. What's more it is an important time in the adjudication process for the village in different competitions in which it is entered.


The first phase of the new footpath between the fork of the Old Golf Links Road and Gort na Glaise and Sextons is due to be completed in the next couple of weeks.

This phase involves the laying of a new pavement as far as Taaffes corner and the installation of a pedestrian crossing at the Old Golf Links junction, along with the erection of new public lights.

This work has to be finished for the opening of new Saint Francis School with the school term to begin on September 1.

The second and final section of the pavement runs from Taaffe's corner to Sextons licensed premises. It entails the re-configuration of the corner at Taaffe's which will result in a one way traffic system travelling onto the Rock Road from Sextons, and the traffic in the other direction will be diverted down onto Seafield Road.


Not for the first time Rock Celtic have extended the hand of sporting friendship across the border.

They played host on Saturday week last to Lisburn from County Antrim who brought along five teams to play friendly challenge matches at five different grades from under-12 to senior. There were two under-12 games, one under-15, as well as a reserve game and the clubs senior teams also played each other.

The club hope to make a reciprocal visit to Lisburn next year.

The club's senior team were recently presented with the Meath and District League title after a protracted appeal saga by Duleek over Celtic being awarded the points and winning the league as a result of the County Meath club playing a player who was suspended when they beat Rock.

The team is back in training for several weeks and play their first competitive match in the Kilmessan Shield against Dromin tonight (Wednesday). They reached the final of the competition last season only to lose to Kingcourt Harps in June.


The jackpot has crossed €15,000 in the Geraldines lottery with no winner last week. The numbers drawn were: 9, 13, 16 and 30. Two players selected three of the numbers to share the €200 prize. They were: Marie Smyth, c/o Malachy Rogers and Gene McCartney Chapel Road, Haggardstown.

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