Sunday 21 January 2018

Race for Lord Mayor of Cooley

THERE WILL be plenty of activity at Fr. McEvoy Park for Cooley Kickhams over the festive season with the culmination of the race to become Lord Mayor of Cooley on Friday December 28.

The grand finale of this will take place in the club function room with ' Big O' as compere for the occasion. All eight candidates are still quite confident they will show in front on the night and tickets are keenly priced at €5 each and will be available from any of the candidates.

The big screen will be in operation on the night to remind the candidates of some of the predictions they made at the outset of the race. 'Big O' of course will be introducing the candidates and eliminating them in no particular order. So who will get to sit in the 'Lord Mayor's chair' which was on view on the launch night.

The chair will then be auctioned to the highest bidder on the night bearing in mind that there is already a standing bid on this fine piece of furniture since the launch. Possibly the winning candidate will have a keen interest in this auction.

The night will finish with live music so come and have your last say and support your chosen candidate in the hope of pushing them over the winning line.

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