Sunday 17 December 2017


TRACEY McKeown from Dublin was the clear winner of both the 70cm final and league with Cotton Sox and the partnership gave a fine display of jumping to secure the double. David Mohan from Drogheda had the 85cm league sewn up with Oliver, but he had the final in his sights as he took on the 85cm track.

The pairing had progressed nicely over the course of the league and won out in a tussle with 70cm winners McKeown and Cotton Sox.

The final league of the season was the indoor dressage league. The script for the final of class one could not have been more finely balanced as one point separated the top two in the class and whoever came out top on the evening would win both league and final. It was Jason Connolly, on his sisters Eve and Rosalyn's Kerry Bog pony Dynamite, who David Patterson judged the best by a single point as they scored 171 points in the Intro B test while Gareth McKevitt and Carrot scored 170 points and while the difference might have been less than half a percentage point on the night, Connolly and Dynamite lifted both league and final trophies.

Pierre Olan from Dublin had performed consistently well over the course of the league with Mikey and the qualified combination won the final of class two and three. Drogheda man Gerry Byrne had set out at the beginning of the league back in September to finish with an average score of 62% and he was delighted when his score on the night left him on an average of 62.13% ensuring the combination of the league title in class 4, the novice class.

It was a fitting finale to the unaffiliated leagues which had started three days before with a trusted Ravensdale Lodge Horse, Lyric, winning the cross poles class and the last class of the year being won by Ravensdale Mo.

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