Sunday 19 November 2017

Horses and riders are enjoying sunny spell

DESPITE the unusually hot and dry spell the country has been experiencing much to the delight of everyone, the arenas at Ravensdale Lodge remain dust free as the irrigation system which was installed last year is being used to great effect. All competitions on the centre's new fibre sand arena ran on watered surfaces which rode beautifully and while competitors basked in and enjoyed the scorching temperatures no one had to suffer the usual clouds of dust associated with the heat.

Competitions continue this coming week with some small changes to the usual format. SJI registered show jumping continues on Wednesday with horses from 11am and ponies from 5.30pm with all the usual classes. The course will be open for schooling on Thursday and Friday before the horse and pony training league on Friday evening from 5.30pm with classes from X poles to 1.20m. A number of new combinations were welcomed at this show last week as more and more competitors learn of the great value and facilities on offer at Ravensdale Lodge.

Saturday will see the first of the two scheduled one day events for Eventing Ireland so there will be no arena eventing at the centre that day. This is a new event at Ravensdale Lodge and it is in addition to the traditional mid July event which falls this year on Saturday 20th July. Work is ongoing on the cross country course with improvements being made to the track and new fences have been bought for both events. Riders can experience the thrill of riding over an Eventing Ireland track without the expense of entering the competition as the course will remain open on Sunday 16th June and 21st July on a "Go as you please" basis with jumps for every level of ability up to 1* novice level.

This is a busy time at Ravensdale Lodge as the summer schedule of national shows is well underway after the hectic National Grand Prix weekend at the end of May. Seven high end competitions take place at the centre from the end of May to the middle of July with plenty of variation from show jumping, Eventing Ireland, FEHL and RDS qualifiers. The next big event after 15th June is the RDS amateur qualifier a week later on 22nd June and as this is a pre entry competition, entries should be made to Ravensdale Lodge by lunchtime on Tuesday 18th June. With memories of the massive success of the National Grand Prix weekend still fresh in everyone's minds , riders have a chance to compete in the Longines main grass arena at Ravensdale Lodge on Sunday 7th July at the scheduled mid- summer show at the centre.

This 'special occasions' arena is only used a couple of times every year and it will be the last opportunity for show jumpers to sample the big occasion atmosphere in this arena in 2013. An exciting line up of classes has been put together with this show in mind and as well as the usual classes there will be a 1.10m (S) Summer Derby to whet the appetite. In addition to the prize fund there will be some fantastic prizes on offer in each class from sponsors such as Longines, Botanica International & Horse First, to top things off there will be signature Ravensdale Lodge rugs to the winners of the main classes on the day. After a quick tidy up, the centre will play host to their annual FEHL three days later on Wednesday 10th July and this will be quickly followed by the RDS qualifiers for Connemara Performance Hunter & Performance Irish Draught classes on Saturday 13th July.

Finally, the centre plays host to their second one day event for Eventing Ireland on Saturday 20th July. This event has been asked to host the prestigious Young Event Horse Series classes for 4, 5 & 6 year olds by Horse Sport Ireland in addition to their usual classes to 1*novice. A reminder to our riding club or leisure rider that most weekly competitions and leagues will run unaffected alongside these competitions and that our annual RDS show will take place on Sunday 21st July where there will be a pair of entry tickets to the RDS as well as prizes from all our every reliable sponsors, Botanica International, Horse First, Mackins Horse Feeds & the Cemac group. All in all, an exciting couple of months with plenty on offer at Ravensdale Lodge for everyone and details of all shows and events can be found on the centres website or from the office on +353 (0) 42 9371034.


SJI registered horse & pony league Wednesday 5th June.

Horses: 90cm class, divided between: E. Mc Ardle's Sillan Coevers (J. Floody), Mary Curtis' KEC Georgette (M. Curtis), Sheikh Samir Mirdad's Mirdad's Hawa (J. Floody) & Barry Murphy's Rinwoods Katies Touch (P. Murphy).

1m class, divided between: B. Horgan's Shalamar Montana (L. Carroll), B. Kieran's HTS Blackrock (J. Floody) Christine Finn's Cuffsgrange Innocence (C. Finn), Sheikh Samir Mirdad's Mirdad's Hawa (J. Floody), Irene Lawler's Ballustree Landbreeze (I. Lawler), Lynn Patterson's Cujo (L. Patterson), P. Murphy's Sea Miss Cruising (B. Murphy) & Siobhan Dunne's Tennyson Legend (T. Dunne).

1.10m class, divided between: Eamon Mc Guirk's Friar Walk (B. Murphy), M Mc Auley's HHS Funkytown (E. Mc Auley), B. Kieran's HTS Blackrock (J. Floody), P. Murphy's Sea Miss Cruising (B. Murphy) & T. Gallagher's Quick Step T (B. Murphy).

1.20m class: Barry Murphy's Lilux (B. Murphy).

Ponies: 128 70 class, divided between: L. Moore's Chester (S. Moore) & E. Whiteside's Maxwelltown Marella (E. Whiteside).

128 80cm class, divided between: V. Steele's A little Fair Play (S. Moore) & J. Finney's Rusty Creek (A. Finney).

128 90cm, divided between: J. Finney's Rusty Creek (A. Finney) & V. Steele's A Little Fair Play (S. Moore).

148 90cm class, divided between: Richard Truesdale's Beech Hall Star (S. Truesdale) & Richard Truesdale's Rathruyan Girl (S. Truesdale).

148 1m class: Richard Truesdale's Rathruyan Girl (S. Truesdale).

SJI registered horse & pony league continues Wednesday 12th June to 10th July. Horses from 11am with classes from 80cm (M) to 1.30m (M) & ponies from 5.30pm, usual pony classes.

Horse & pony training league Friday 7th June.

X poles, divided between: E & R Connolly's Dyno (E. Connolly) & Ravensdale Lodge's Duffy (R. Connolly).

60cm class, divided between: Connall Mc Grath's Apache (C. Mc Grath), E & R Connolly's Dyno (J. Connolly) & Alanna Reilly's Axel (A. Reilly).

70cm class, divided between: Emily Mc Court's Bluewater Crystal (E. Mc Court), Sinead Young's Jacobi (S. Young), Connal Mc Grath's Apache (C. Mc Grath) & Trevor Cardwell's Cassie (T. Cardwell).

80cm class, divided between: Trevor Cardwell's Cassie (T. Cardwell), Noleen Tate's Prince Aldo (N. Tate) & Alex Lee Simpson's Leggy (A. Lee Simpson).

90cm class: Clionadh Breen's Rua (C. Breen).

1m , 1.10m & 1.20m classes: No clear rounds.

Horse & pony training league continues Friday 14th June to 12th July. Classes X poles to 1.20m, start time 5.30pm.

Arena eventing league Saturday 8th June.

60cm class: 1 Janet Cooke's Croi (J. Cooke), 2 Aoife Hanratty's Prince Luca (A. Hanratty).

70cm class: 1 divided between, Aoife Hanratty's Prince Luca (A. Hanratty) & Janet Cooke's Croi (J. Cooke), 2 Leanne Connell's Poppy (L. Connell), 3 Val Mc Caul's Brando (V. Mc Caul).

85cm class: 1 divided between, Leanne Connell's Poppy (L. Connell) & Ann Mc Farland's Madrigal (A. Mc Farland), 2 Aoife Hanratty's Inis (A. Hanratty).

1m class: 1 Ann Mc Farland's Madrigal (A. Mc Farland).

Eventing Ireland one day event Saturday 15th June & RDS amateur qualifier Saturday 22nd June. Arena eventing league continues Saturday 29th June, classes 60cm, 70cm, 85cm & 1m, start time 12pm.

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