Wednesday 21 February 2018

Sheelan proud of his Cooley players

A DEJECTED Adrian Sheelan could barely hide his disappointment as the reality of another final defeat sunk at the Gaelic Grounds.

'Goals win games and the second one killed us,' he said. 'We were in possession coming out of defence with the ball, lost it and a few seconds later it's in the net.

'I felt that was it then. We had come back into well in the second half and looked like we might kick on, but every time we got a score they seemed to be able to reply and the second goal left us chasing our tails.'

The former Kickhams star was still extremely proud of his players.

'I can't knock our lads, they gave it everything they had and at the end of the day, the goals won it.

'We made a good start and then made a bad blunder for the goal and in championship finals that's what wins games. We were totally in control at 5-1 up playing into the wind and the goal was a sickener to concede. We knew in the second half the Blues would be more than capable of carrying ball into the wind.'

Injuries also played a part in Cooley's defeat as Conor Rafferty was forced to retire at half-time with an injury picked up in the semi-final against O'Connell's.

Sheelan also conceded that captain Aoghan McGuinness probably wasn't at full tilt.

'Aoghan probably wasn't fully able to play the role he has been playing all year for us. He played it effectively enough in the first 10 minutes or so, but he wasn't probably full fit.'

However, there was no escaping the impact of the Blues' goals as the Cooley boss concluded: 'The first goal took them back into it and the second one killed it. We didn't lie down or anything like that, but we needed a goal and we didn't get one.'

The Argus

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