Saturday 16 December 2017

Seamus Flood is the only trophy that matters to Hoey

MAN-OF-THE-MATCH awards are always a nice bonus, but it came a very distant third on the Gerad Hoey's list of things to celebrate on Sunday night.

Number one was winning the Seamus Flood Cup and number two was securing a place in the senior ranks next season.

'I don't care who gets man-of-the-match as long as we win the game,' he insisted after Geraldines success on Sunday. 'Jim kicked some great scores in the first half, but it's all about lifting that cup and getting up to senior football.'

As one of the main members of the 2007 minor success Hoey has witnessed first hand how hard it is to make the breakthrough at adult level and he urged his teammmates to push on again.

'I suppose we were knocking on the door the last couple of years, but it never worked out. This year lads stayed at home instead of going to America and that. Eamonn came in at the start of the year and we said we'd give it a good crack. Hopefully we'll stick together and push on to senior and see how it goes.

'Everyone is through minor and U-21 now so the can't be relying on that anymore. It's all about pushing on to senior football now.

'The hard thing is keeping the boys in the country. This is the first time we've done it in three or four years and it worked out. We'll see what happens, lads have to work and other lads will be away at college, we just have to wait and see.'

Another key ingredient to this year's success was the return of Eamonn McEneaney to his old underage team.

'We knew Eamonn form underage and I suppose we knew that we'd get this back together and get up to senior some day.

'He was drilling it into us about producing a 60-minute display today because we never really put a full game together all year.

'We played a good second half against the Irelanders. So that was the goal today, and thankfully we did that.'

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