Thursday 23 May 2019

Positive signs from Sam!

Dan Bannon

A quick poll in Darver on the meet and greet night last Wednesday evening would quickly tell you who is Louth's current most popular player.

The poll was measured by the number of eager autograph hunters and the player in question is Sam Mulroy.

Powerful Naomh Mairtin forward Mulroy has time for them all and admits he was once one of those youngsters with a pen.

'I know when I was a young lad all I wanted to do was play with Louth, it should be everyone's dream,' he stated.

With Wexford on the horizon, you can really sense his enthusiasm and it really is infectious.

'Inter-county football is unbelievable, I dunno why anyone doesn't want to play it,' he boomed.

'I think every footballer should be striving for it. It is brilliant, the set-up, the stadium you go up to - teams like Down in a stadium packed out.

'It just gives you that exposure to try and do your best and if you put in a performance it is top of the world stuff.

'Hopefully I get the start. It will be my full championship debut and it would be nice. Conor Grimes and myself were talking about it last night, this is when you want to be playing.'

When asked, is there responsibility on the players to promote the inter-county scene, Mulroy agreed and he is doing a fine job of it himself.

'Absolutely. I think the best we can do, the best we can represent the jersey, is the only way to set up young players.

'I know over the last few years it's been tough to get lads out and I don't know why, It is a strange one that players don't want to.

'I think it is a change in mentality now that we have to drive and I think it comes from everyone, not just the players. It comes from the management, county board. It comes from everything that promotes Louth football and makes you want to put on that Louth jersey. I hope it keeps improving that way.'

Mulroy's club Naomh Mairtin could be used as an example of this progress as the Monasterboice outfit have four players on the panel.

'It's brilliant for the club,' he agreed. 'We are on the up. The four of us were only talking about it, that is only really starting to kick in now with the Jocks in the last few years.

'It is great to see the mentality change. When you look at John Clutterbuck there, who never really was a main player underage, he is absolutely flying. You see the difference in him, he is class.

'Eoghan Callaghan as well, brilliant to have him here. It is great that there is four lads on it and even other lads at the club that could be for the next few years pushing as well.'

Like all GAA traditions, behind the club comes the family and Mulroy is no different and cites his family as a contributing factor in his success, culminating in his breakthrough season.

'My family go everywhere in fairness to them. My granny even came up to a college game in Coleraine one of the days! it is brilliant.

'I'm here four years with Louth now and it was my first proper run of games, so it was nice to get it. I suppose it finished on a bit of a dip against Westmeath personally, but I think overall I was happy enough. It sets me up nicely going into championship.'

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