Saturday 25 November 2017

A true Lilywhite

'Who are we, Who are we? Black and white army, Black and white army!' A chorus from the 'Shed' during last Sunday's tense win over Drogheda United.

Earlier the tribes of Cork and Clare clashed in Croke Park in what was a thrilling final and an epic finish.

Dundalk are in the mix for the league title, the equivalent of the Liam McCarthy or Sam Maguire Cups.

Soccer fans do not hang colours from their cars or paint their houses, like many GAA fans but they they follow their team with equal passion and are just a tribal as supporters from the Rebel, Banner or Kingdom.

At the final whistle, the players stood before the 'Shed' and were handed a banner from the supporters which they unfurled in tribute to one of Dundalk's best known fans, Martin Shields, who had died suddenly the day before.

Players come and go, that's the nature of the game particularly in the era of one year contracts, but the passion of Dundalk supporters and pride in their team holds no equal and Martin Shields, a supporter who missed only one game home or away in 45 years, was first among equals as a true Lilywhite.

The Argus

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