Friday 23 February 2018

Dundalk FC's super night of fundraising at the stadium

On Saturday night I headed for the Dundalk Stadium where a special fundraising night was being held for Dundalk FC and a huge crowd had turned out especially for the occasion.

I wasn't too long there when I met up with Margaret and Tony Curtis from Oliver Plunkett Park who told me their son John was floating around and that they were definitely looking forward to a good night.

Not too long later I got talking to committee member Vanessa McCrink from Greenacres who was with her husband Wayne, sister Linda, and parents Moninne and Gerry King from St. Alphonsus Road. She told me that her dad Gerry is also a committee member and that it was going to be nothing short of an exceptional night for the club. She also said she was also up for making it a night to remember with Eileen, Martin and Christine Brabazon from Grange Drive and Lorcan and Michelle Goss from Castleblaney Road.

After this I headed over for a chat with Noel Doyle from Sutton Court and Tom Corrigan from Greenacres who realised how stupid I really am, when I asked them had they had any winners? They replied 'Eh Ian, there hasn't been any races yet!'

Not too far away I got a word with club chairman Ciaran Bond from Avenue Road who was there with his daughter Ciara and her friend Christine Agnew from St. Alphonsus Road. He told me it was going to be a brilliant night and that everyone was on a high after giving Cork a lesson in football the previous night to become top of the league again. He went on to say he hoped they'd get a major result in the Setanta Cup Final this Saturday so they'd have something to bring home to show everyone during the Giro D'Italia!

After this I headed down for a word with Owen and Mary Fee from Heynestown who were enjoying the evening with Shauneen and Alan Gray from Lis Na Dara, Dermot and Deirdre McKeever from Priorland Road. When I asked Dermot how he thought the night was going to pan out he told me it was going to be great. They were later joined by Cathal O'Neill from St. Mary's Road.

I made my way to another table and caught up with Tom and Deirdre Auld from Blackrock who assured me it was going to be a bit of craic. They were with Paul and Marie Dugan from Belfast who told me the night had started off really well.

Making my way to another table I met Gerry and Ursula Fee from St. Alphonsus Road who were with son Gerard and Megan Byrne from Blackrock who were optimistic of plenty of wins.

After this I caught up with John McArdle from Manydown Close who was having a laugh with Des Dunleavy from Blackrock and Dundalk legend Michael Clarke from Kilkerley. John told me that Dundalk FC blew Cork away the previous night with an excellent performance.

After this I caught up with Tony Curtis again and this time he was with Brendan Carroll from Castle Road who works over the kennels in the stadium and was up on the lookout for photographs.

Next I had a chat with Aidan and Bernie Kinsella from Muirhevnamor who were in great form and were sitting with Conor and Mairead Hoey from Woodbury Gardens who told me they were looking forward to an eventful night. Not long after I caught up with Gerard and Margaret McDonnell from Headford who were enjoying the night and told me they'd be joining up with the rest of the Dundalk FC supporters later on.

I then made my way over for a chat with Bernard Gray and Nora Carthy from Farndreg who were still waiting for their first winner but were up for making the best of the occasion with the rest of the supporters.

Seated close by was Jason Kelly from Cuchullain Terrace who wanted a big shout out for his right-hand-man John Murphy who wasn't there on the night!

After this I caught up with Conor and Bronwyn Walsh from Avondale Park who were with Sinead Nelson from Avenue Road who told me that this was Sinead's first visit to the stadium and had already had a couple of winners!

Just arrived in were Yvonne, Natasha and Ohran Waring who told me they were up for making the best of the occasion.

Finally, before I departed I caught up with Pauline Thornton from Avenue Road who was with Damian and Lesley McConnon from Manydown Close who told me they had all won on the first race and were hoping to continue the success.

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