Saturday 21 September 2019

Scarity of funds for roads really starting to bite

It is quite drepressing to read the report from the meeting of Dundalk Municipal Area meeting last week at which a number of councillors rightly complained about the lack of funds available for roadworks in the town centre.

The road programme in the county has been cut again this year with a further €500,000 shaved off the allocation from last year, when there wasn't enough money to do the work that was required.

We in Louth are quite lucky with our access to Dublin on the motorway, which also links our two main towns of Dundalk and Drogheda.

However inside the town boundary you can really see the effect of the starvation of funds as our roads are in poor state, with the surface in front of the old Louth County Hospital crumbling day by day.

Sadly our footpaths in the town centre are in dreadful state. The cobble footpaths which look so good when first installed have sunk in many places and a lot of the cobbles are loose, while very many of the metal drainage gratings are missing altogether and are real tripping hazards.

Irish Independent