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Risk to flooding well-known, preparations are key

It was worrying for many Louth folk to wake up on a morning recently to read in their newspaper that a fifth of the county's homes are at risk from flooding over the next 30 years.

Figures released after a study by Gamma Location Intelligence (GLI) revealed that Louth would be the worst affected area in the country with 19%, or 10,000 households are at risk from heightened coastal flooding over the next 30 years.

This is a deeply worrying revelation, and is in danger of being ignored because of the national health crisis.

Indeed there is a parallel with the health crisis in some respects in that hospitals and care homes in particular were caught badly by having insufficient PPE for staff.

The obvious lesson of being forewarned should certainly apply here, for if, as the GLI predict, 10,000 homes in Louth are vulnerable to flooding over the next 30 years, then the Department of Environment has been given the time to map out a planned programme for erect flood defensive measures, especially in the most exposed areas, including Carlingford/Greenore, Dundalk/Blackrock and Ardee.

It will therefore be no defence in years to some if large parts of Louth are under flood water for politicians and officials to say that they had little or no warning.

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