Friday 20 September 2019

One in, all in for water

Those who don't pay their water charge may have their payment deducted from the wages or their social welfare payment according to the developments in the Dáil last week.

Over a million people have registered to pay the water charges, while thousands remain vehemently opposed to paying the water charge, either on principle or simply affordability.

I welcome the developments last week, not because I am enthusiastic about water charges or supportive of government policy, but because as a PAYE worker I have all my tax deducted at source. I like hundreds of thousands of PAYE workers don't have a choice not to pay PAYE, PRSI or USC.

I don't welcome paying more taxes and am angry at the way water charges have been imposed upon us and the scandalous expense of consultants involved in the set up of Irish Water, but I am law abiding and will reluctantly pay it.

However I was prepared to withhold my payment if 40-60% of people refused to pay and there was no penalty or avenue to make them pay.

I fully accept that there are those who genuinely can't pay and provisions should be made for those in that situation, but why should I pay if others who won't pay simply refuse and there is no deterrent against not paying.

Irish Independent