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Meters not installed correctly

Meters not installed correctly

Last week a gentleman came into this office to show me photos of a water meter installed outside his house.

The man living in Dundalk wanted to highlight what happened to the meter installed outside his house to warn other members of the public to inspect the work carried out before any cement is poured and works closed over.

The pipework connecting to his meter was raised a number of inches from the original pipework, resulting in his watermain being closer to the surface and more prone to freezing over in the winter.

Unhappy with this he stopped the contractors filling in the work with concrete and asked for a supervisor to inspect it. The work was inspected and remedial action was taken to restore the watermain at the original deeper level.

However the point made by this gentleman was that he was retired and was at home when the work was being carried out. He had time and the opportunity to inspect the work before gravel was shovelled in to backfill the hole and concrete poured.

Not everyone has that same opportunity to inspect the work carried outside their home and have to trust that the contractors working for irish Water do the job according to best practice.

Bonsuses step too far

Enda kenny and the government really should be punished by the voters for the fact that bosses and workers from Irish Water qualify for bonuses.

While I am not wild about the thought of paying for water at all, I accept the Government's right to introduce the charge and see some merit in placing a value on a resource which is expensive to provide, but in allowing the mere possibility of bonuses the government really took their eye off the ball and showed how little they care for the public.

After all it is the public who will be stumping up these bonsues through their annual water charge.

It is insulting that they should care so little for the public that they allowed this happen. The foundation of Irish Water, the cost of consultants and allowance of a bonus culture in a public utility company is absolutely shameful and if the government give a damn about the public they will take whatever measures are required to remove the bonus structure immediately.

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