Friday 23 February 2018

Letters: Nun cartoon 'offensive and tasteless'

Dear Sir,

Your recent edition of The Argus contained a cartoon depicting several orders of nuns as mean, selfish, money grabbing individuals. One of the congregations ridiculed was the Mercy Order.

Like many other families living in Dundalk and North Louth, who have benefitted from the dedication of the local Mercy community, I find the cartoon offensive and tasteless.

As a native of Dundalk whose mother, sisters and daughter attended the local Mercy school; I feel it is an opportune time to remind The Argus readers of the great service given to Dundalk by the Sisters of Mercy.

The Mercy Sisters have been in Dundalk since 1847. Since that time, they have continuously provided educational, health and social services to the local community.

Put in the above context of decades of dedicated service, your cartoon comes across as mean, vindictive and untrue.

I am sure that the sentiments in this letter reflect the thoughts of the majority of the local community.

Yours sincerely,

Ambrose McDermott,


The Argus

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