Friday 23 March 2018

Backpackers still letting the side down


A BAR and hostel in Queensland has made the bold move of banning Irish backpackers from staying there due to increasing levels of bad behaviour. Before we get all indignant about the racial discrimination let it be noted that the proprietor is Irish himself and is beyond mortified by how many of our young people are conducting themselves while down under. The same man is at a loss to separate the actions of the louts who smashed up furniture and set a balcony on fire with the wonderful country he has lamented about for years to his children.

He described on radio this week how he 'looked after' the Irish guests and tried to build on the affinity they shared with the Emerald Isle, only to have it thrown back in his face. One particular group were checking out and decided it would be a bit of craic to trash the place on departure. It took a number of similar incidents to prompt such a controversial decision but business is business and sharing a nationality doesn't entitle 'guests' to do as they please.

What kind of animals behave like that and what right do they have to abuse hospitality in such a way. 'spoilt Celtic tiger pups' is how they have been described, many of whom were so cosseted at home in the boom time they don't even be bothered to wash their own dishes.

For a business person to be backed into such a corner that he has banned a certain nationality from his premises is appalling but it is even more disgusting that his own country people were those causing the trouble.

For a long time now a certain element of the Irish in Australia has been majorly letting the side down. For every diligent and hardworking person there is a freeloading layabout that would rather drink themselves into oblivion that get up for work in the morning.

The complaints are coming from employers also who say the Irish are often unreliable and don't rate high on the honour role of hard workers today.

Those who have emigrated for economic reasons, I'm sure are doing their best to hold down jobs and make a new life for themselves but the group who are on a year off travelling don't give a damn.

This kind of people is doing themselves and ' brand Ireland' no favours. This ban comes just weeks after warnings that the wild Irish were highlighted in Perth for their wild alcohol-fuelled antics.

To the rest of the world the damaging cliché of the drunken and lazy Irish is living on through this younger generation.

At a time when we should strive to show ourselves off to maximum positive effect internationally these sort of headlines are an embarrassment.