Tuesday 16 July 2019

A roundabout might be the best long term solution

The outages of the traffic lights at the Xerox junction last week caused traffic delays in the area, not for the first time.

The faults last week do not appear to have been caused by a vehicle knocking any of the traffic signals but such collisions have occurred numerous times in the past .

The junction is one of the busiest in the town with heavy traffic flows from all four directions and turning in every direction.

It certainly is a masterpiece in traffic signalling design to get the junction to flow as smoothly as it does for the majority of the time.

However when the lights are out, there are long delays at peak times and the heightened risk of collisions as drivers take risks to get through the junction.

Louth County Council have looked at the obvious solution of a roundabout, but say that they would need to purchase land to install a structure you would imagine would be similar in scale to the Ballymacscanlon roundabout.

Such a project would be extremely costly and disruptive during construction but might be the best long term solution.

Irish Independent