Saturday 20 July 2019

'A 'curate's egg' year for local politicians 

last year was, for local TDs, like the curate's egg, good in parts. It was a year of opposite fortunes for the two Drogheda TDs - with Fergus O'Dowd's bad year culminating in the loss of his junior minister's position, while Leinster House newbie and Labour stalwart Ged Nash was given a new 'super junior' ministry. O'Dowd also had to watch the unseemly mess that led to both his brother, veteran councillor Michael, and son, Garrett, both failing to get a seat on Louth County Council.

Bad-tempered start to council meetings as Louth members clash 

The formation of the new Louth County Council was one of the testiest, bad-tempered and heated meetings I have ever attended and revealed that politics is not just a filthy business in Leinster House. With the abolition of town councils, everyone, including the officials, was feeling their way in the dark and by the end of the meeting, which took place at the start of June, the battle-lines drawn made it hard to see how any consensus could ever be reached on issues of mutual concern.

'Foo-foo-foolish' choice for maw-in-law's Christmas present 

Why is Christmas always left to the women? Why, in the year 2014, when we have female Tanaistes, justice ministers, Garda commissioners, are the women of Ireland still running around getting all the stuff ready for the Christmas? No! (Quick flash of a palm) I don't want to hear about the odd half decent chap who gets everything for Santa, the wife, the maw and the maw-in-law before the start of December. If they exist, they are a rare breed indeed, because most ladies in Dundalk are, like myself, left with a list of stuff to do...