Sunday 25 February 2018



Ireland has become a country of three seasons. We went from winter to spring to autumn this year. Another reason why our country is so unique.

There is still an audience for Big Brother, though the whole thing passed me by until I saw the headline ' Traveller Doherty Wins Celebrity Big Brother'. I should really know who Doherty is but there were weeds needed pulling in the garden.

Preschoolers are starting to learn a few words of Irish. And why not. Nothing like keeping the flames of our native tongue burning – it's the fascination with it at Leaving Certificate stage that needs to be addressed.

The Guard has broken box office records at Irish cinemas. It will be interesting to see what wither McDonagh brother comes up with next.

Neil Diamond announces he is to get married for the third time at the ripe old age of 70. Hopefully it will inspire a great songwriter to turn out one more classic, though hopefully for him not along the lines of 'Love on The Rocks'.

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