Sunday 15 September 2019

Zoe set for life changing surgery in US

Olivia Ryan

Dundalk toddler Zoe Murphy is set to undergo life changing surgery in the US later this year.

Proud parents Lynda and Eamon announced that little Zoe has received a date for the long awaited surgery,.

'We are over the moon to announce we have received our date for Zoe's Surgery and we will be America bound this November,' confirmed the family, who launched a hugely successful fundraising drive for Zoe's treatment just over a year ago.

'It's been a long wait to get this date and we are a mixed bag of emotions right now, happy, scared , excited, anxious to name a few!'

At eighteen months old Zoe was diagnosed with PVL brain injury causing her to have spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Her family were told she would have difficulty walking unaided, and would suffer mobility issues.

After extensive research her parents realised that Zoe's only hope for improvement to her outcome was life changing surgery under the care of specialist surgeons in America.

The incredible response to their fundraising campaign to raise €100,000 for the surgery Lynda and Eamon revealed the family are 'heading to spend six weeks in the company of one of the worlds greatest doctors to ever work with children with Cerebral Palsy and his team of experts to help us improve Zoe's life going forward.'

'This is massive for us and maybe the biggest undertaking we will ever go through in our life.'

Taking to their Facebook page 'Zoe Murphy Appeal' they added: 'The list of people to thank is enormous and we hope we have made everyone know how much we appreciate what has been done for us. We will never get over how much support we have received since this all started a year ago and still can't believe how this went from not knowing how we were going to make this happen to now been three months away from heading over. Thank you to everyone who has helped us make this a reality and helped us give Zoe the best chance we can in life.'

The family promised to update all those who supported Zoe's appeal in any way. 'We will keep her page fully updated with every bit of progress she makes and continue to let everyone see each milestone she hits.'

'We will continue to build her up for the surgery and make her as strong as possible with not only her daily home exercise and weekly physio appointments, but also through two intensive courses we have booked her in for in September and October.'

'Lots of work ahead, lots to plan, lots to do , but we are so excited to finally be able to announce this is it everyone, we are finally going to America and Zoe is finally going to meet Dr Parks!'

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