Sunday 18 February 2018

Woman claims animals were 'stolen' by Department of Agriculture official

A DUNDALK woman who claimed that an official from the Department of Agriculture had 'stolen' animals belonging to her and that one of them had been killed, was told that she would have to take her application to the High Court.

Donna Sfar, Oaklawns, made an application to Dundalk District Court looking for a stay on a notice which she had received from the Animal Health and Welfare Board.

She told Judge William Hamill that she had served notice on a named Department of Agricultural official by registered post two days previously.

Judge Hamill told her that she would have to wait 10 days after serving papers before the case could be listed in court.

Trainee barrister, Ms Sfar, who represented herself, said that all her animals had been 'stolen' at the weekend. She went to the gardai and discovered that a Department of Agriculture official had taken them and alleged that one of the animals had been killed. She hadn't been given any notification that the animals would be taken and she was concerned about their welfare.

On hearing that there was a High Court order in place in regard to the ongoing dispute between Ms Sfar and the Department, Judge Hamill told her that should would have to go back to the High Court as he didn't have the authority to deal with the matter.

Ms Sfar said that she was due back in court at the beginning of September with an appeal and Judge Hamill said that she was entitled to appeal and that if she succeeded, she would get her animals back.

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