Thursday 23 November 2017

Weapon 'wouldn't be out of place on Game of Thrones'

A HOME-made weapon found on a Dundalk man could have come straight from hit fantasy series 'Game of Thrones', according to the visiting district court judge last week.

Judge Conal Gibbons said that he wouldn't be fit enough to run away as fast as he'd like if he saw someone with the customised wooden baton on the street.

He made the remarks during the case of Patrick English (23), 111 Oakland Park, Cox's Demesne, who admitted possession of a 'flick knife' on January 3 2013.

Judge Gibbons heard how gardaí on patrol in the area at around 2.30 a.m. saw a man with what they thought was a stick. English dropped it but gardaí recovered it.

The weapon was a wooden pole that had been bent over and wrapped in cloth. There was blood on it and on English's hand and he couldn't account for why he had it. He has previous convictions for criminal damage and public order.

Solicitor James MacGuill said his client had been addicted to tablets at the time of this offence and was 'in a poor condition' when he went to the station. He was drunk and 'wasn't looking for anyone'.

He is no longer addicted to medication and hasn't been in trouble since this incident.

English has, Mr. MacGuill said, completed community service in the past and would do it again if the court required.

But Judge Gibbons said the pole was 'an horrendous looking object' and said he was concerned about the circumstances in which it was found with English 'walking the streets'.

Mr. MacGuill said English was 'not far from home'.

Judge Gibbons said the weapon was 'a fearsome looking object' that 'wouldn't be out of place on Game of Thrones'.

He said: 'I have never seen anything like it. It's a serious thing. It's a make-shift weapon and that's what frightens me. A lot of ingenuity went into it'.

Mr. MacGuill said it was 'incapable of being a concealed weapon' and it would be 'more sinister if it was concealed like a dagger'.

Judge Gibbons replied: 'If I met someone in a dark street with this in his hand I wouldn't be fit enough to run away with the speed I would like'.

He said he was considering a custodial sentence but he had to 'consider all the options' and take into account the guilty plea, the defendant's young age and the fact there was no 'incident'.

The judge said he wanted to see a probation report 'to get the full picture' and adjourned the case to July 2 in Drogheda.

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