Saturday 25 November 2017

Traffic management a big issue on Marshes Avenue

Traffic problems around Marshes Avenue
Traffic problems around Marshes Avenue

WITH the new Tesco store now open and crucially access between the Ramparts Road and Marshes Avenue and also the Long Avenue now available, new traffic management issues have quickly emerged.

Commuters using the Matthews Coaches regular service to Dublin have been parking for free along the Marshes Avenue from early morning and now occupy both sides of the road, narrowing the roadway for traffic.

The parked cars was always a bit of an obstacle to traffic, but the increased traffic flows to the new Tesco store and even motorists looking to use this new access point to and from the Ramparts Road are making this route more difficult than previously.

At the same time the entrance to the carpark at the Lidl supermarket has become a nightmare for shoppers and new traffic bollards have been erected to try and regulate the traffic flow and parking.

There is no official through road from the Ramparts Road to the Long Avenue but many motorists are passing through Tesco, the Lidl carpark and past the former bacon factory onto the Long Avenue and will envitably continue to do so, while those using the Marshes Avenue squeeze through the lines of parked cars.

An easy solution to the traffic problems would be to paint double yellow lines along this route on one or both sides of the road. However, a more welcome proposition for the dozens of hard pressed commuters who park along this route every day would be to open the gravel enclosure next to the Marshes Shopping Centre, occasionally used by visiting funfairs and circuses for them to park for free.

The site was recently illegally occupied by travellers and is only used three or four times a year by funfairs and circuses and could be a simple solution to a problem if the landowners, bus operator and council could reach a workable solution.

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