Sunday 21 January 2018

There's a simple solution to traffic mess at Marshes

The traffic lights at the Marshes shopping centre.
The traffic lights at the Marshes shopping centre.

THE traffic lights system at the Marshes shopping centre on the Ramparts Road must be the worst designed system of all time.

The traffic flows along the Ramparts Road are not that heavy, yet it is a vital artery into the town centre for those living anywhere in the direction of the Avenue Road or Blackrock.

You are virtually certain once you travel this route that there will be traffic snarl-ups around the two sets of lights outside the Marshes junction.

Time and time again you will see traffic waiting to turn right onto Marshes Avenue from the town centre, failing to complete the manoeuvre before the lights turn red. Meanwhile, traffic behind is stuck behind a queue of cars looking to turn right and cannot use the inside lane to proceed straight along the Ramparts Road towards the tennis club.

To compound matters, traffic coming the opposite direction can't turn right into Williamson's carpark because some motorist is blocking the yellow box.

It is a total mess. It has been a total mess since the lights were first erected a number of years ago.

The simple and easiest solution would be a right-turning green light to allow traffic coming from the town centre to cross, before traffic coming into town is given its green light.

The same simple solution has worked successfully on Hill Street Bridge for decades.

The council might not have the funds for landmark projects any more but it surely has a couple of thousand euro to solve this bottleneck and make life easier for those trying to go about their daily business.

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