Tuesday 12 December 2017

The letter which led to an outpouring of support

Olivia Ryan

It was a 'letter to the editor' which led to an outpouring of support after a local woman highlighted her frustration with 'nightmare neighbours.'

The letter which featured in the Argus a few weeks ago, saw the Castletown Road resident tell how they are awoken every night by neighbours playing loud music. Despite their direct appeals to the tenants about the dire situation, and the complaints lodged with the letting agency involved, the homeowners despaired saying they now felt trapped 'struggling to pay a mortgage for a house that is no longer a home.'

She appealed for advice from other readers, saying: 'It would appear that the landlord gets their rent money, the letting agency gets its commission and the tenant gets their house. However, the extremely unlucky householder has no rights at all.'

The response to the letter has seen an outpouring of support for the 'disheartened householder' who chose to remain anonymous.

A series of letters from other local people, who also faced this situation, were received, all of whom have offered advice, and their direct support if she needed it.

One reader told of her own battle with 'nightmare neighbours' and urged the homeowner to look at the options that are available.

'We endured this problem for many years, and it got worse as the landlord did not take action. We went everywhere for help, but not long after we successfully took a case to the PRTB (Private Rental Tenancy Board).

She added that a case can be taken as an individual or as a residents association.

'We had no choice but to pursue this, and the outcome was very good, and eventually we got our peace back.'

Another Argus reader gave a similar account of their problems with an unruly neighbour, saying that they too decided to pursue the case through the PRTB.

'I recorded all events of annoyances, dates and times, as many as possibly, over a period of time.'

This particular householder decided to get a solicitor to contact the owner of the property, and were happy to report the disruptive tenants moved out, and the landlord showing consideration after new tenants moved in.

The Argus

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