Monday 23 October 2017

Tesco's new store plans still on track



TESCO IRELAND have confirmed they remain committed to the redevelopment of the Dundalk Shopping Centre, with work expected to get underway in 2013.

The recent move by Ma t thew s Coaches, who relocated from the front of the centre at Hill Street bridge, highlighted once again the plans by Tesco to redevelop the historic site

A spokesman for the company confirmed their plans remain on course for the creation of a dynamic new store at the centre.

It is expected that work will begin next year.

Tesco originally announced their plans for an ambitious €33 million redevelopment in 2010, with a planning application lodged at Dundalk Town Council.

The plans provided for the demolition of Dundalk Shopping Centre, which was one of the first shopping centres built in the 1970s, and for the disused petrol station.

In its place, Tesco confirmed plans to build a so called 'store on stilts' an elevated two storey 10 ,136sqm development incorporating three retail units and surface level parking for 542 cars on the ground floor, with a store selling food and nonfood foods, including offlicence sales area, restaurant/cafe , kitchen area, at second floor level.

Access to the new development, which will front onto Dublin Street, will be by a junction on Stapleton Drive and a new fourarm roundabout junction, while there will be alterations to the existing Stapleton Drive/Rampart Road junction, extending of and joining of Rampart road to the recently constructed Railway Road (Link Road) via a proposed traffic signal controlled junction and the four-arm access roundabout junction.

The company also confirmed their intention to double the workforce from 100 to 200 at the store, which will incorporate a range of departments from food and homeware to clothing and hardware.

Tesco will continue to operate their second store at the Long Walk Shopping Centre.