Tuesday 16 January 2018

Teenager who attacked Gardai is sent down for ten months

A DUNDALK teenager who attacked Gardai who had come to arrest him after the district court issued a warrant for him has been sentenced to ten months detention.

Michael Murden, (19), 529 Ashling Park, admitted assault causing harm charges which arose out of an incident at the Castletown Road on February 27.

Inspector Martin Beggy told the court how a number of Gardai had gone to arrest Murden early that morning after the court had issued a bench warrant. Gardai said he 'severely resisted' arrest by 'lashing and kicking out'. He thumped and kicked a female Garda in her back and she had to receive hospital treatment later that day after suffering from kidney difficulties. She has returned to duty recently and while she is expected to make a full recovery, she is still receiving physiotherapy.

Murden also damaged the tendon in the knuckle of another female Garda that also required medical attention and a third Garda was injured, though not seriously.

Murden also admitted resisting officers who were escorting him to the prison van after his court appearance. Gardai believed he had something on him and when they went to search him, he resisted and a sergeant received 'minor grazing' during the incident.

Judge Flann Brennan heard Murden, who is already serving a nine month sentence, has previous convictions for public order and assault causing harm, as well as burglary, criminal damage, theft and drugs possession.

Solicitor Peter Lavery said Murden apologised to Gardai when he had calmed down after the incidents. Mr Lavery said his client was 'highly agitated' while he was being arrested and 'felt entitled to resist arrest' but 'what he did was inexcusable'.

The solicitor said Murden was ashamed of himself and could offer no good reason for what happened at the prison van. Mr Lavery added that the teenager is on a drug free landing in prison and is 'doing well'. He 'enjoys the support of his family'.

Judge Brennan imposed a ten month sentence.

The Argus

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