Thursday 24 January 2019

Swimming a mile a day inspires Rosemary's work

One of Rosemary's pieces of art.
One of Rosemary's pieces of art.

Olivia Ryan

An 68-year-old artist who swims a mile a day will cause ripples with her work at Ireland's premier art fair Art Source, which will be held at the RDS.

Rosemary Warren from Carlingford, Co. Louth also uses her sailing travels around the world to locate new vistas for her watercolours.

However, the former director of art at Dublin's St Patrick's training college bases her work mainly on her experiences and her immediate environment on the shores of Carlingford Lough.

'When I look at my paintings, they are like a visual diary - little snippets of my daily life.

'I use watercolours and acrylic mainly and love especially painting still life and reflections through glass,' she said.

Although home is where the heart is, Rosemary has travelled extensively and she has had two exhibitions in Abu Dhabi, which she visited a number of times when her daughter was teaching there.

The visits inspired her to embrace a new direction of portraiture and her past exhibitions have featured a number of portraits of Abu Dhabi citizens in their traditional costumes.

Her love of the sea and seascapes in her work stems from her passion for sailing and swimming and she ensures to swim one mile every day, whatever the weather.

'I've lived in Canada for two years and spent a number of months in Abu Dhabi. I've also skippered in boats around Greece, Scotland, France and other places where I've picked up a lot of inspiration for my work.'

Art Source takes place at the RDS, Dublin, from November 9-11.

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