Wednesday 22 May 2019

Students 'shine' on charity walk

Students on the march
Students on the march

Olivia Ryan

The scenic Carlingford to Omeath Greenway was the ideal route for final year DKIT Business students to highlight mental health awareness and raise funds for the charity, SHINE.

The walk provided students the opportunity to develop their communication and interpersonal skills, as part of their business ethics programme, and also raise awareness about the work of mental health charity, Shine.

In order to fundraise the students had to brainstorm activities that participants could take part in, including a sponsored walk from Omeath to Carlingford and a penalty shootout competition where participants had the chance to win raffle prizes. Together the students raised in excess of €5000 for SHINE.

DkIT lecturer Shane Hill commented: 'It has been a pleasure to watch students participate in this module every year raising money for various different charities

'This particular business ethics module has been going for a number of years with the charity event aspect at the forefront. It has been tremendously successful. Successful from the point of view of students and student involvement. The amount of learning involved in the module is wonderful. It is successful from the point of view of charities as well, the charity this year is Shine.'

He added: 'Shine is such an appropriate charity in terms of the importance of mental health and with mental health being very much to the fore in terms of conversation and empowering people as well as families. Shine do such a wonderful job in that regard. The School of Business and Humanities are delighted to be involved today. It is a highly important and positive day for all of us. It is something that students will remember long after they graduate.'

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