Thursday 26 April 2018

Student sees drugs case struck out

A 23-year-old man charged with possesion of drugs and possesion with intent to sell and supply in 2011 had his case struck out and dismissed last week.

Mark O'Hagan was charged with the above on November 25 2011 at St. Patrick's Terrace in Dundalk and waited nine months to receive a summons for his actions. The case had been heard before the court three times, put forward each time in order to receive reports on his progress.

The DkIT student has had no convictions before or since then and took a gap year from college in order to raise money for a donation of €1,300 which he gave to the court as a gesture of his remorse.

O'Hagan wanted the case dismissed so that he would be able to return to New York where he has family who can find him employment.

The Argus