Tuesday 20 November 2018

Start of next month before new greenway is complete

Anne Campbell

WALKERS and cyclists eager to get onto the North Louth 'Greenway' may have to wait until next month as work on a section of the scenic path will not be completed until then.

The major development, which will consist of around 6kms of cycle and walking path between Omeath and Carlingford, was expected to officially open earlier this month.

But the Argus understands that it may be the start of next month before the much anticipated Greenway, which is part of a wider 32kms scheme that eventually will got from Dundalk to Carlingford and Omeath and cross the border into Newry, will be properly open to the public.

Work still remains to be finished at the Carlingford Marina end of the walkway in order to ensure that private land adjoining the public scheme is properly secured and fenced off.

The Greenway runs along the old railway line between Omeath and Carlingford, and offers spectacular views of the Cooley Peninsula and Carlingford Lough. Those works were done in tandem with the fitting of a watermain in the area.

In the meantime, the council has reminded people: 'It is not complete, no safe and the public is not allowed to use it'. A spokesperson added: 'The beauty of this Greenway scheme is its accessibility, but that is also a problem at the moment because people are keen to get on it but it's not finished.

'We have erected signs at either end of the Greenway asking people not to use it, but people have been on it regardless and it is not completed and not safe.

'It is hoped that the work which needs done at the Carlingford Marina end will be completed in the next two or three weeks'.

Louth County Council began construction of a 2.5 km stretch of the path in late 2013, between Omeath and Greer's Quay after securing funding from the Department of Transport of around €650,000 under the National Cycling Network Programme, with additional funding from the Loughs Agency and Louth County Council.

It is expected that when all the work is completed on the Newry side of the border, there will be a path in the city from the Albert Basin to Victoria Lock via an area known as 'Middlebank', which will join up with the Louth Greenway.

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