Wednesday 25 April 2018

St Vincent's join the 'mannequin challenge' craze

Lucy Litchfield, Ellen McCourt, Michelle Mulligan and Bronah Mulholland
Lucy Litchfield, Ellen McCourt, Michelle Mulligan and Bronah Mulholland

The mannequin challenge has become the latest viral internet sensation, with celebrities, politicians and sportspeople joining in the trend where people remain frozen in action while a video is recorded.

St. Vincent's students have also been taking part in the phenomenon as part of a mental health campaign.

The school's 'amber flag' committee consists of students and teachers who wish to raise awareness of mental health issues.

So far the amber flag committee has undertaken initiatives such as yogalates for sixth years, a study skills seminar which will be held in December and a guest speaker from SOSAD for fifth years.

The committee are also very excited to announce that St. Vincent's will be an anchor school for the nationwide Cycle Against Suicide. The cycle will stop at the school on Sunday the 23rd April and leave on Monday 24th.

To launch their hard work for the cycle and raise awareness of this, students from all years participated in the mannequin challenge. Students had to promote the message 'it's ok not to feel ok and it's absolutely ok to ask for help' and they also had to include as much orange as possible.

Meanwhile, the video from the mannequin challenge will be posted on the school website.

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