Monday 22 July 2019

Siobhan reports in sub zero temperatures for RTE and BBC

Monasterboice woman Siobhan Kierans
Monasterboice woman Siobhan Kierans

Monasterboice woman Siobhan Kierans was the news reporter on the spot when filling in the world on the freezing conditions in Minneapolis and Chicago.

Siobhan reported for RTE and the BBC on the amazing conditions in Minnesota that saw temperatures dip to -33!

Lake Michigan froze over and people stayed at home for fear of frostbite.

'Most people were off work for a few days. Schools, postal services and government buildings were closed. There were no people in the streets which was very eerie,' she stated.

'Pets are a big concern as their paws are subject to freezing easily and they are exposed to ice melting chemicals and salt. While it might look ridiculous, doggie booties and coats are a necessity and not an accessory during this cold spell!!

'All that being said, midwesterners love the winter! They are a hardy bunch and enjoy friendly rivalry between states on who can tolerate the cold the best. They also love their winter sports and embrace skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling and ice fishing. While many people were not working you might have found a few camped out in their ice houses on the smaller lakes.'

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