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Shoe firm asks 'do you want to keep your job?'

March, 1984

The American owned shoe firm, Weyenburg took the unusual step in March, 1984 of writing individually to the 200 people they employed in the Dundalk area asking them the questtion 'do you want to keep your job'.

The management took the unusual step ot writing to each employee outlining a set of proposals which, depending if the majority of employees accepted or rejected them would determine the future of the Coe's Road planr.

The factory had been closed since the middle of December, 1983 and some of the 200 workers had been out of work since the previous month. The problem, according to management, was that the parent company could buy shoes cheaper in America than producing them in Dundalk.

Local management had devised a plan to reduce their costs base, and having discussed the matter with the union, put the plan, including a new wage structure, and foregoing any wage increases under the 23rd national page round.

The company asked all employees if they were agreeable to work under the under terms, and according to management if the plan was accepted the factory could be re-opened in two months, but if rejected the future for the Dundalk operation did not look very bright.

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