Sunday 17 December 2017

Sellafield concerns raised in Europe by Irish MEP

Matt Carthy MEP
Matt Carthy MEP

Anne Campbell

Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy has confirmed that he is continuing to raise Irish concerns regarding the Sellafield nuclear energy plant at EU level.

He recently met with Massimo Garribba, the Director in charge of Nuclear Energy, Safety and the ITER project.

Mr Carthy had requested the meeting with the European Commission following a damning BBC Panorama documentary, broadcast last year, which raised new dangers at the nuclear facility.

Speaking last week, Mr Carthy said: 'The concerns regarding Sellafield have been well aired in Ireland, albeit to a lesser extent in recent years than previously.

'However, it is important that these concerns are brought to the attention of those charged with overseeing safety management issues at the site. Unfortunately, it has been evident for some time that the British government agencies cannot be trusted to be honest brokers in this regard.

'Shocking revelations by the BBC Panorama last year showed that dangerous, radioactive materials are being stored in degrading plastic bottles.

'It also revealed that there is a lack of staff on the Sellafield site, and exposed significant risks of a major radioactive fire with devastating consequences right across western Europe but particularly in Ireland.

'During our meeting I stressed to Mr Garribba in no uncertain terms that Sellafield is now a threat to all of Europe.

'I outlined my belief that the plant must be closed and there should be a halt to the construction of any further nuclear power plants.

'He confirmed to me that his staff are conducting an updated safety study on the site which will be published next year. Sellafield must be closed and we need to see concerted political action'.

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