Tuesday 16 July 2019

Sarah charts Team Carrie

Sarah McCann and Aileen Carrie at the World premier screening of Turtles & Hares: Team Carrie Marathon Runners
Sarah McCann and Aileen Carrie at the World premier screening of Turtles & Hares: Team Carrie Marathon Runners
The large audience watching the World premier screening of Turtles & Hares: Team Carrie Marathon Runners in The Grove House, Dunleer

Olivia Ryan

Tracking the unique and heartwarming story behind every runner on the 'Team Carrie' marathon journey was a true passion project for Louth woman Sarah McCann.

Producer of the brand new documentary 'Turtles and Hares: Team Carrie Marathon Runners' which had is premiere in the Grove House, Dunleer last week, she told of the 'incredible privilege of being witness to this movement.'

Originally from Dromiskin, Sarah moved to Dunleer a few years ago, and noticed, she recalls 'a lot of people out running!'

'I knew there was a local running club, but I started to notice posters and t-shirts with slogans like 'you can do it. I am a runner myself, so I was definitely intrigued. Dunleer is such a small town, and it seemed nearly everyone was training for a marathon!'

As a film maker, and founder of her own company, Little Road Productions, she realised there was an inspiring story to tell, and approached former international athlete David Carrie, with a view to filming the journey of Team Carrie runners.

Team Carrie Marathon Runners Ireland was established in 2010 by international athlete David Carrie in order to help those locally who always wanted to complete a marathon. He created a unique 22 week training programme for all levels of ability to get everyone over the finish line. The thriving community group has grown year on year - any by next year will have almost 1,000 athletes that completed the Dublin City Marathon.

Over the last few years, Team Carrie runners have also raised nearly €300,00 for local charities including the Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre in Drogheda.

'The great thing about this whole movement is that it involved people who really weren't experienced runners at all, people who just wanted to achieve their goal,' said Sarah. 'The title of the film 'Turtles and Hares' reflects that, the turtles being those who were a bit slower at the beginning, and the hares the more experienced runners! The amazing thing about this group, is that everyone who starts training reaches the finish line of the Dublin marathon. One lady took nine hours, as she walked for a bit, but still she had that incredible feeling of having made it over the line.'

So successful is David Carrie's 22 week training programme that is used by runners across the country.

An avid runner herself, Sarah says she is now inspired to train for the marathon next year, having already completed the half marathon. 'I've been so busy filming, and focusing on covering this incredible story. Next year will be my turn to take part!'

The documentary which is touring film festivals, is also attracting the interest of the major broadcasters- so watch this space!)

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