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Ryley's new look raises over €1,000 for Irish Guide Dogs


Ryley Maher who raised €1,100 by shaving his head

Ryley Maher who raised €1,100 by shaving his head

Ryley Maher who raised €1,100 by shaving his head

Eleven year old Ryley Maher from Station Road, Castlebellingham, has raised over €1,110 for Irish Guide Dogs by getting his head shaved.

His Mum Caz shaved his head on Friday May 8, which was Irish Guide Dogs Day.

Normally the family would have taken part in the charity's annual fund-raising collection, but it had to be called off due to COVID-19.

They were, however, keen to raise money for Irish Guide Dogs as younger son, seven year old Oren, who is visually impaired, with intellectual disability and Autism, has benefited greatly from his assistance dog Cookie,.

As they couldn't go out shaking buckets, Ryley volunteered to have his head shaved.

This was a big sacrifice for Ryley, a fifth class pupil at Kilsaran National School, as he had been growing his hair for the past year.

However, his Caz says he is 'a very protective big brother and the two of them are very very close'.

The family streamed Caz shaving his head on Facebook. 'We are so proud of Ryley and what he has done to bring awareness to Irish guide dogs and once again showing the love he has for his little brother Oren,' she says. 'We've received amazing support from friends, family, the teachers and staff at Kilsaran NS and those we've never met who were kind enough to donate to our cause.'

They have already doubled their target of €500, with the money going to the training of assistance and guide dogs.

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